What are Power Squad Project Ambassadors?

Women who love the mission.  Women who want to get involved and share the mission.  IRL the Power Squad Project Ambassadors help support other women by also helping to spread and share the grassroots efforts of this very project too.  These women help the PSP team with their marketing initiatives and they brainstorm with the team.  New ideas are created and put into action starting with the help of the Ambassadors.  They become a part of the trusted circle from which everything is built.  

AND in they get free, fun swag too!

The Power Squad Project

Is it a lot of work?

Ummm... no! Hello - we're not interested in overwhelming you with extra work.  As an Ambassador we simply ask that you help share and spread The Power Squad Project message.   You refer friends, you participate in conversation, you dig our style.  Just like we dig your style!  

You offer feedback and ideas.

AND when you refer friends online we make is super duper easy for you by giving you a unique link to share.  This gives you credit to win some free stuff!

What's in it for me?

Sounds selfish, we know but don't worry, you can ask.  And guess what else - we won't judge.  In here, we want you to be selfish!  We ask you to be selfish!  That's part of our mission, part of our message!  Be helpful AND be selfish!  

We are offering free swag.  Legit physical stuff you can carry around, snap selfies with and brag to your friends about.

Opportunities.  Ever suffer from FOMO?  Well, not here.  You will be the first to be in the know.  First to know about partnership opportunities, internships opportunities, and potentially even being featured with your story told.

Personal kudos.  

Sounds great!  How do I get started??

Start sharing! Send 5 people your unique link. 

Email us at ashleigh @ ashleighblatt.com with the names of women you think should be Ambassadors.

Get creative and share all over.  The more you share the more perks!!