In 4 Months She Made it to The Olympics


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Not much pleases me more than hearing about amazing women.  
But this story, I love and adore especially so. 

Erin Jackson, aka Action Jackson, is speed skater who went from novice to Olympian in 4 months time.

I love her "get it done" attitude and her creativity. 
Listen up.

In 4 MONTHS time, she switched sports and landed a coveted spot on the US Olympics team!
In ONE MONTH she learned how to ice skate. 

She was/is an in-line skater and a roller derby champions but neither sport is in the Olympics.  
In order to "go for the gold", she had to make an effort at another sport!

She signed up for skating lessons and in one month tried out. 
Erica was surprised as heck to get in but either way... she did it!

Here's what I love:
She was creative. 
She wanted what she wanted and used her skills to get there. 
When she lacked the skills required to "win", she went out and took classes. 

She learned new skills when many are groomed from early ages. 
She used what worked, learned something new and tweaked as she went ahead. 

She was persistent and creative. 
This can be you. 


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