As if...



Hooray!  It's Friday!
I am not going to lie...  The past few weeks have been a complete and utter blur. 

Now that the girls are back in school and their activities have picked up, my full-time Uber hat is back on and it is a lot. 
It requires a lot of movement and activity on this end. 

A lot of planning. 
And now, the most liberating thing I have done is become cut throat with my time. 
I blocked out my calendar as if my life depended on it for the next month!
It's so liberating and free feeling to know I will focus on my priorities.

It's not about how much we do, rather what we do. 
I wish I had said "AS IF" a whole lot more.   

But lesson learned.  

AS IF to useless meetings and too many trips to the store.  
AS IF to too much social media. 
AS IF to nonsensical stuff.


I love blocking out my calendar for what's important.  What feels good. 
What moves me and all of us forward. 

Think on it. 
Then plan around it. 

LEAD.  Lovelies.  Lead.

--> Why comparing business to sports is a terrible metaphor.  "The most successful companies, those that win big and create the most economic value, worry less about crushing the competition than about delighting and amazing their customers."

-->  Amazon is disrupting another market.  The freshly minted MBAs.  Why does this matter?  At first they only sold books.  They created a system, a process and now they are living off an awesome ability to improve ROI which then also allows them to expand anywhere and everywhere.  Start by doing less better.  Then grow baby grow.  


Very thoughtful, on point and, yes, lengthy article on "Why Time Management Is Ruining Our Lives".

"You can seek to impose order on your inbox all you like – but eventually you’ll need to confront the fact that the deluge of messages, and the urge you feel to get them all dealt with, aren’t really about technology. They’re manifestations of larger, more personal dilemmas. Which paths will you pursue, and which will you abandon? Which relationships will you prioritise, during your shockingly limited lifespan, and who will you resign yourself to disappointing? What matters?"

I also started using focus@will again this past week!  I absolutely love it!  I feel like it helps yes focus me, center me, and eliminate all the easy distractions around me!  


--> You, your skills, your experiences are also a gift.  If you are on the fence of what to do next think on this cartoon by the awesome Mari Andrews!


Quick side note from Ashleigh.  Here are my most favorite tools ever.

  • For audio motivation - Relentless by Tim Grover. I listen to him as I was in the mornings.  My walk always becomes a power walk after listening. 
  • To focus during the day I love to focus@will.  They say music helps you focus and for me it surely does.  I blare the classical music.  I am not sure how many people my age choose that over techno but either way I love it.
  • Rosemarie Groner (from the Busy Budgeter) is a friend and I just LOVE how much she gives everything away.  She tells you and anyone she can her detailed way to making money!  Start with her Pinterest Strategy Guide that is worth every penny.  Not. going. to. lie


--> This post old has spiked in traffic again!  Seems to be timely... Too Busy/Tired/Anxious/Annoyed for Quality Time with the Kiddos? 5 Things to Do Right Now.

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