Do you believe in chance?

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"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." - Confucius

Do you believe that things happen IRL (in real life) by chance? 

You take that action and chance is on your side. 

Or maybe it's even something physical. 

The thing you can't explain.

That time my water bottle fell off my nightstand when there was no earthquake, no storm, no mess except for the fact that we had returned that day from my mother's funeral.  And that we both always have drinks on our nightstand.

My husband says he's not going to tell me it wasn't my mom saying she was still with me.  

Or how about that those times when you first hear of something in your whole life and then suddenly that's all you hear about.  Over and over and over again.  

Just the other day I was with my girlfriend and she told me she went to see a Medium this past spring.  It took her over a year to get in.  
It was random how we got into the conversation.  
But then we really got into the conversation.  
See both our dad's have passed so it was clear as day that this was why she went. 
I had 1001 questions for her.  
Did she get to talk with him?  
Did you know he was really there?  
Was there a way she (the medium) could have known? 
Was he really there?

We had this crazy conversation.  Truthfully, I couldn't NOT cry.  
I mean, really, I fought against the ugly cry as our girls played 20 feet from us. 

So I took the number. 
Maybe I will have the guts. 
Sure enough, the first available appointment was November 27, 2018. 
My daughter's birthday. 

My. daughter's. birthday!
Of all the days in the year, one of the most important days was to be with her.  
To be with them.  My parents. 

Who knows what we will find.  But I choose to believe the world works in mysterious ways. 

Want another kizmet thing?  I decided to myself that I was going to take a super specific, very scary step.
(That I am going to keep private for now thank-you-very-much.)  
So when I went to sign up, the first available date for me was... my birthday.  

Do you believe in signs?

One final thing - I believe the world works in mysterious ways. 
When you take action, when you do good, good returns to you.  

What do you think?

The Power Squad Project

Quick side note from Ashleigh.  Here are my most favorite tools ever.

  • For audio motivation - Relentless by Tim Grover. I listen to him as I was in the mornings.  My walk always becomes a power walk after listening. 
  • To focus during the day I love to focus@will.  They say music helps you focus and for me it surely does.  I blare the classical music.  I am not sure how many people my age choose that over techno but either way I love it.
  • Rosemarie Groner (from the Busy Budgeter) is a friend and I just LOVE how much she gives everything away.  She tells you and anyone she can her detailed way to making money!  Start with her Pinterest Strategy Guide that is worth every penny.  Not. going. to. lie.

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My 2 BIGGEST tips when it comes to bringing EASE to your social media/visibility process:
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