How NOT to be an IG influencer

The Power Squad Project


"I didn't really know what I wanted to do, but I knew the woman I wanted to become."
- Diane von Furstenberg

There's this mom.

This local mom. 

Who wants to be an influencer. 

Her goal is to be an IG Influencer.  

Really.  You can tell.  

She's really pretty.

She dresses really nicely. 

I mean like really nicely. 

Every time I ask her where that dress is from she names the designer which then tells you it was a $400 dress. 

Can you imagine wearing a $400 picking your kids up everyday from school?  I am usually in some sweaty outfit that will surely get ice cream on it! 

Anyway... she's very nice, very cute and dresses nicely too. 


There are 3 selfie posts a day where she is tagging her workouts, her clothes and her 1 influencer friend.  

She's the talk of this little town I live in. 

And not the good kind. 

It's weird.  She's literally the talk of this town. 

I have empathy for her.  She's very sweet. 


that poor husband. 
and that poor kid of hers. 

I mean 3 posts a day for 7 days a week.  That's 21 photos a week.  
Do you know how many test shots that was?  
How many poses?  
Lighting changes.  
Outfit changes.  
Filter changes.  
Crop that out changes.  


The Power Squad Project

I would die. 
Can you imagine how bored her family is right now?

You see there's this love / hate relationship I have with the internet. 

It's great for connecting.  It's great for learning.  It's great for the curious connect the dotter in you. 

And it also brings out the fools in us.  

Don't be foolish!

Don't forget to LIVE.  Live your life.  Do you. 
Not the other way around. 

That's my humble message from the beach.  

The Power Squad Project


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The Power Squad Project

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