I was terrified.


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Here we go.  

We are in the mountains right now skiing and for all the “just do it” talk I give, I have to admit, just yesterday I was absolutely terrified. 


Last year when we came skiing it was my first time in 25+ years and I fell many many many times. 

I had a bruise on my bum the size of a mini watermelon and the color of black grapes. 

I fell ON. MY. (METAL). POLES more times than you could imagine. 

More times than kept track. 


It was not pretty!! I assure you!!

So this year, yesterday, I was terrified to go up on the mountain again. 


My girls are in ski school and I want to be able to ski with them.

I want this family activity. 


But I am afraid of heights. 

I am afraid of chair lifts and falling off of them. 

I am afraid I will be that freak accident. 

That I will be the baby skier on the double black diamonds. 


I mean. 

Afraid is not the right word.  

TERRIFIED is what’s accurate. 



I did it. 


I did it at my pace. 

I feel on the baby hills. 

And moved to the bigger hill because actually there are fewer people there. 

I went my way and told my hubby to buzz off. 

(Even though he stayed nearby in case I fell.)


And I went my pace. 


And I got better. 

And I was terrified again. 


And I turned to music.  This song and this song pumped me up. 

I have to say. 



I can’t remember the last time I felt this way.  

But I worked through it. 

I moved mountains. 

Starting with my own, mindset mountain. 


You can too. 

Baby steps forward and never giving in to the fear. 


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