5 Assumptions That Will Make You Re-Think Your Business

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Happy Monday Maven!! 

I read this post, The 5 Biggest Assumptions I've Made About Business by James Altucher, about 2 weeks ago and literally it has stayed in my mind and on my brain since then.  
Cliff Notes version!

  1. Successful entrepreneurs don't like risk.  They make calculated decisions that others would think are risky. 
  2. YES!  Failure stinks!!  Don't TRY to fail!  It's not a badge of honor, it HURTS!
  3. Focusing on one thing is BS.  The world's greatest entrepreneurs do many different things.  Warren B has many many companies.  Richard was in the music industry, why would he then think he could start an airline?
  4. The first year is not the make or break year.  Most businesses are around in one form or another in 3 years.  
  5. Your business is your phycology.  Work by what the numbers say.  

Last but not least, don't forget to have FUN!!  You have to get the stress out and have fun! 

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--> What did you think of the Kate Casey story we talked about last week?  In 42 weeks her podcast went from 2000 downloads to 1 million.  Love this girl!!   Having worked with her for nearly a year, I can without hesitation tell you that she lives and breathes by 2 things.  

1) If you love what you do, you will find the time.  
2) Always be promoting. 

-->  Travel experiences are you on the move and specifically made for people with extra money but little time.   This impacts you why?  Your customers want ease and efficiency.  What can you add to help them out?

--> McKinsey released a post on What CEOs Are Reading in 2017.  I like the expanded perspective.  I went and bought this one


--> How to have difficult conversations when you don't like conflict.  Cliff Notes version: Don't go in mad or expecting negativity.  Be curious and direct.  Don't worry about being liked.  Work towards a positive resolution. 

--> It's time to manage yourself. How early do you wake up? Does magic happen then?


--> Give to yourself.  3 minute video: What if money was no object?

--> Amazon's Prime Day starts at 9pm EST.  THE Prime Day.  You're welcome.

The Power Squad Project

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