Which Simple Acts of Persistence Cuts Through the Rock to Success

The Power Squad Project

"There is no passion to be found playing small--
in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."

-Nelson Mandela


Simple small acts.  Those are the things we don't talk about but those are the things that matter each and everyday.  
What is it they say about men?  My husband thinks he gets all the bonus points in the world if he buys me the occasional piece of jewelry or something.  But in my mind he gets the same amount of points if he opens the door for me, calls me and tells me he's thinking of me.  Or ummm.... let's be honest, takes the girls on a Saturday morning so I can do whatever I want to do... in. the. quiet. 

The big gestures are nice.  But it's the small gestures that matter.  

The consistent and small gestures are the ones that make the impact.  

Don't they say "a river cuts through a rock not because of its power but because of its persistence."

This week is better than last week as was better than last month or last year.  

People complain about getting older and I honestly don't get why.  I would NEVER want to go back to age 22 or 27.  30 was my worst year ever.  
Every year we learn and get better.  Don't we?

It's the small gestures and the continuous movement forward that makes the difference.  
That's why it's okay to embarrass yourself, fail horribly and do different things.
Because in all of that it's the action that matters.  The fact that you did something is what matters.  
The fact that you tried.   
The fact that you proceeded when the outcome was unknown.  

That's the stuff that makes changes. 
When I started my podcast a year ago, my then partner asked "how would we make money at this?" and my response was "I have no idea".  
But we proceeded.  
I proceeded.  
And my life has changed not because of the podcast, though it's certainly a catalyst, but because I proceeded with curiosity and in the face of fear.

Here's another example - my first interview was great.  
My 2nd and 4th interviews were a mess and the woman was NOT nice on any level whatsoever.  
So there I was crying in disappointment and embarrassment.  
I was wondering what the heck I was doing and IF I could do it at all.  
I was giving myself private pep talks and putting on my best power music so I could surpass these awful feelings. 

I walked around smiling but inside I was crushed.  
And then I had another good interview and another.  
And then I started meditating. 
And I started reaching out to more people.  Connecting with more people.  
I couldn't stop.  
And it became easier.  
I became more confident.  

The Power Squad Project

And such is life.  It's a roller coaster when you put yourself out there.  Some people you are going to connect with.  Some people will wave you off.  
Some will love you.  Some will hate you. 
But in the end, your action, will create greatness within you.  
You will love you.  
You will be proud of you.  
Even in the moments of pain, you will come through and look back and be proud of your simple small acts.  

Move forward loves.  Do. it. scared.

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The Power Squad Project

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