Mom, can I earn more film? Check.

The Power Squad Project



“The word impossible is not in my dictionary.”
- Napoleon Bonaparte



Hey Hey!! 

Happy 5th!  This weekend we went to San Diego.  We saw family and the girls got to play with their cousins.
We went to the Dodgers / Padres baseball game and baked in the sun.
The girls got to swim in the hotel pool and we got to eat some food that we enjoyed.  All in all it was nice time.  
It was nice to be together for 4 days. 

The best part of the weekend was coming home and teaching my girl how to ride her bike.  Last year we tried to teach her how to ride her bike and she sobbed the whole time so we never really pushed her.  Now she wanted to prepare for the neighborhood bike parade and was determined to learn.  She fell and didn't cry.  Her dress stuck and didn't whine.  Her foot got stuck and she didn't cry.  She turned the heart pedals just right and tried.  
And tried.  
And tried again.  

It was 9pm and we had to drag her in.  She was having so much fun and practicing her heart out.  The only way we convinced her to come in was to promise her we'd let her back outside first thing in the morning.  

It was one of those magical moments you could never plan for.  

Her 6 year old self is this way.  She's determined without any limitations.  Without any self doubt or limiting beliefs.  
At first her bike was a big overwhelming project and she cried and cried.  That was last year. 
This year she broke it into steps.  Helmet.  Check.  Shoes.  Check.  Parent to give a push.  Check.  Pedal.  Check.  The faster I go the easier it is.  Check.  Turn and don't hit the car.  Check.  Fall into the grass not on the street.  Check.  Get back up.  Check.  Don't cry.  Check.  Be patient with myself.  Check.  Put heart pedal the right way.  Check.  Dress up.  Check.  Check Check Check.  

A few months ago she decided she wanted a pink Polaroid camera like her friend Ava.  "Mom if I finish my workbook can I get a camera?"  Check.  Page 1.  Check.  Page 20. Check.  Page 60.  Check.  Page 120.  Check check check.  6 months later she finished 320 pages.  Check.  

"Mom, what can I do to earn more film?" Check.  

She's a sweet inspiration at 6 years old!  That's for sure!
Now... is our time, let's get down to business! 


--> Mike Kelly from Member Vault shared this awesome video on why Facts Don't Change People's Minds.   Cliff Notes of the 2 minute video:  We enter into tribes with like-minded people and facts can only make us fight to stand our position.  Two ways to break into a "stubborn" mind?  
1) Find a connection like - "Hey! You like Country Music?  Me too!" and
2) admit that you are wrong.   

Why this matters to you??  You want to build your business tribe, right?   

-->  I smell an awesome challenge!! Wait for it... 90/30.  It's coming.  Be prepared. 

-->  More coders are coming!! Hallelujah! I have the hardest time finding developers!!  “We desperately need to revive a second route to the middle class for people without four-year college degrees, as manufacturing once was.”



-->  Last week we talked about writing notes of appreciation to people.  It's truly a practice I have had my entire life.  I sent notes to my brother and cousins college when I was 7.  I sent monthly cards to dozens of friends for years on end after college.  And to this day I still keep that practice alive and well in various ways.  Even this email for instance, you know I talk about all sorts of entrepreneurs and businesses but truly - most of them never know of the mention beforehand.  Or I am asking them to share something super specific and of super high value.  

Cliff notes: I write regular notes and recognize others because I genuinely want to.  And guess what?!  Goodwill returns goodwill.  I never expected responses of appreciation and thankfulness in return!!  Keep it going.  We are all here to help one another!  Who can you say thank you to?

--> CRM tools.  So crazy.  Everyone is talking about CRM tools.  I have to keep things organized. Otherwise I go nutso.  And it's crazy, I think a lot of people feel the same b/c these tools keep coming up.  DubsadoBoomerang and "Less Annoying CRM".  I mean they have to have a shoutout for the awesome name right??  Personally, I have tried a few other applications and, if it's not a "raving review" it's not a review at all.  That said, I am trying out Boomerang and will report back.  

Oh!  And I thought it was kind of fun that someone mentioned they were using Siri for reminders.  I never ever use her except to ask when the sunset is.  


--> I watch Shark Tank now like I used to watch Law & Order.  On repeat and in the background.  Some of the ideas are brilliant and creative.  I give credit to everybody who gets on stage and shares their business!  On my podcast, I interviewed Cameron Cruse who got a deal with Mark Cuban for their innovative way to help give the always moving military spouses a place to land.   Question for you?  Would you pitch to Shark Thank??  Why or why not?

--> Last but not least, it's a new month.  New goals.  I know you have your vision and your big dreams but guess what, they don't matter unless you work on your timely, specific goals too.  
It's July.  
It's July 5th to be precise.  
That means you have 18 weekday days and 8 weekend days to get sh*t done.
What are you going to do? < Will you reply back and let me know?! I want to cheer you on! >



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