Time is your friend.

The Power Squad Project



Hey girlfriend!

There's a theme circling around these days that I want to talk about.
So many of us, myself included, feel like something is missing.  Something is missing in us that's preventing us from succeeding as we dream.
Like you can't possibly try this hard to change and fail so much?  Right?

You must be missing the business gene or the traction gene.  Maybe it's the right money mindset gene.  
Somehow or someway maybe you broken. 

I meet people all the time who are frustrated with their businesses, their launches, their promotions, their tractions.  Shoot, I work with celebrities who feel this same way.  They have followings in the hundreds of thousands and are not secure or satisfied in their businesses.

I think we all agree that time is limited.  That time FEELS limited.
To make matters worse, I hear all the time how so-and-so doesn't have as good of a business mind as they do. 
That X will come once they spend more on Facebook or make X connection.  

If I didn't care about you, I would tell you are right.  So much of that helps.  
Those ads, those connections, that thing.  

Not many people achieve what you're looking to achieve.  
That's the truth.  

But one thing is not going to get you there.  
One thing is not going make or break your business. 
One things is not going to change anything for the better or the worse?

We all have our stuff.  I am there too.  I have a hubby who works too long.  Who doesn't understand why I spend every free moment I have to this "stuff".  I have sweet kiddos who are around.  LOTS.  Gosh, I am blessed, I know but I also wish I didn't have to drive them in the car on average 2-2 1/2 hours a day.  
I can't focus the way I want to.  The way I dream of.  
I have the "I wish", I should haves, if only I had done this.  I, too, have the insecurities.  I, too, have the failures.  Omgosh.  

I wish I had a magic wand that slowed the speed of time.  
I wish I could take the burdens off your shoulders.  
I wish I could make it easier.  
So you can go outside, be outside with a little less worry and a whole lot of a clearer mind.   

I can't do that for you.  But I can be real with you.   

Here's what I know. 
You can do it. 
One thing won't work.  
But all of them combined with make it work.  

Answer this question.  What is nagging away at you?  Right now and today?

I know I don't have to tell you.  You're a big girl.  You know what's next.  
Go on!  Take care of the nagging thing.  Take action on what's nagging you.  Today. 

< And please - report back! >

PRAISE.  1 Million Downloads!

The Power Squad Project

Speaking of taking action...  my client and girlfriend Kate Casey just hit her 1 millionth download for her podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey.  It's incredible.  A year ago we were at a coffee shop.  She had her head in her hands and was just releasing her podcast.  She had 2000 downloads and was frustrated with how in the world was she ever going to get bigger?  Make traction?  Our coffee date was several hours and I spilled to her every social media strategy I knew at the time.   We talked, strategized and planned.

Now, it's incredible.  She's has over 160,000 downloads a month for her podcast and 1 million total.  
Her success isn't from the social media strategies we pulled, it isn't from the one thing.  Sure it helped.  She implemented, tested, tweaked and re-tweaked.  
Her 1 million downloads is because every darn day she is thinking, prepping and creating.  

We talk often and bounce ideas off of one another.  Sometimes the conversations are 5 minutes, sometimes they are 50.  
She loves, and I mean LOVES, every aspect of the work she is doing.  Deep in her soul kind of love.  

We may be a perfect pair actually because I love, deep in my soul love, talking shop.  With this new milestone she met I asked her what she thought brought her here? (And by all means she won't be stopping anytime soon!)  This is what she said. 

  1. Always be promoting.
  2. Try to make 5 strategic connections a day.
  3. Booking (for her podcast) is 1/4 of the day.  Watching (reality) tv is 1/4 of the day.  Recording is 1/4.  Promoting is 1/4. 
  4. If you love something you will find the time. 

Let's praise and congratulate this awesome win!! And boy oh boy - mark my words - you'll see so much more of her in years to come.  

GIVE.  Think creatively. 

--> Crazy first time study that discusses how our gut microbes strongly influence our emotional behaviors.  I *think* this says our emotions are also tied around how well we eat.  

-->  Next level creativity.  Anyone want to break out their kiddos legos?

-->  #9 Create your own tribal language and 15 other brand strategy.

ASK.   Take care of yourself.

--> Take care of yourself.   50% of us are burned out.  Cliff notes: You could be working too hard or you could also be incredibly lonely.  Find a friend and co-space together!

--> What are you going to take action on?  What do you need help with?  < Will you reply back and let me know?! I want to cheer you on! >




Ashleigh Blatt


PS: You're doing an awesome job.  Take the time to celebrate that and then also, my friend, continue on. 

Ashleigh Blatt

Woman, Wife, Mama of 2, Business Owner & Podcaster.  At GWC Management we improve corporate conversations and maximize productivity.  It's that simple and that difficult.  New Mompreneur on Fire Podcaster & Blogger discussing that tough job of balancing babies and businesses with grace - err - most of the time!