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Happy Monday Ladies!
Ohhhh my goodness!  Over the weekend this girl with her guy and some newish friends absorbed some 90s hip hop like parents should not! 

PRAISE.  Small Biz is Kicking Butt

I don't think it's a secret that small businesses are kicking butt like never before.  Maybe Corporate America if realizing that Main Street is taking it's own action.  And that's why I love this article Mom-and-Pop Joints Are Trouncing America's Big Restaurant Chains.  Here's why.  "Industry is at a tipping point as independents outperforms." McD's is trying it's darnest to keep up.  Wendy's is closing down.  Red Robin too.  One eatery is incorporating an honor system.  Leave $1 and take a cookie. Shoot, even online "mom and pops" are getting creative.  I was fascinated to enter a challenge a few weeks ago where Lacy Craig from The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur invited people to pay $20 to enter a challenge and then she would divide the money out and send MORE money back to the participates who finished the challenge.  Homemade touches are making real differences.  

Will you reply back and share what additional touches you are seeing others do that you love!   I promise to share back to you!

GIVE.  Focus baby focus!

Now is the time to focus. It's Monday again and time to #gamethefon.  

We could talk endlessly on performing at your peak.  Here are two quick ideas to get your KPIs up.

  • Peak performers like Adrienne Dorison schedule client meetings every other week.  Her days are highly focused and strategically un-fragmented. 
  • This post from Medium delivered some interesting information on creating a top performing morning.  Things like - drop an AM workout so you can instead work, protein pack your breakfast 30 minutes after you wake up and and focus immediately.   I actually thought it was really well-thought out post.  I liked hearing a new idea to push your workout, eat protein ASAP.  Do you think your life circumstances could let you keep such a schedule?  Work highly focused and totally undistracted from 6-10 or 11?  Not sure how I can pull that one off with my girls but I do think it's a good goal to work towards!

On that note - have you heard of focus@will?  I am obsessed with this focus tool too to help me knock out real-life actual work.  I do what I am supposed to do like a good little girl and pre-plan the activities I am going to work on that week and that month.  But there always seems to be an easy distraction.   This tool truly helps me and there is science around why it technically helps too.  I don't understand all of it, truly, but they say "the mechanical energy of the sound wave into chemical signals that stimulate auditory nerves to fire action potentials."  The music is telling my brain to take action and to work! 

I love it so much it's on the coveted Bookmarks Bar and not deep down in the Bookmark Folders. 



Julie from Marietta, GA asked about increasing engagement on IG!  Her platform seems to have gone stagnant and she wants to know some ways she can create more engagement.   I know 2 ah-mazing rockstars on Instagram that I will reach out too.  If you have any favorite tips or tricks - please shoot them over!

Make it a how-to question! Balance and lifestyle!  Mindset!  Whatever is at the top of your mind today!  We have a community of experts in our pockets who are excited to assist! We will talk to the Master and get you the answer!  Respond to this email with your question and put ASK ANYTHING in the subject line!

Enjoy the week Lovelies!


Ashleigh Blatt

Ashleigh Blatt

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