Our potential is one thing... 

The Power Squad Project

“Our potential is one thing.

What we do with it is quite another.”
-psychologist Angela Duckworth

Hey Mama!
Can we talk about GRIT for a moment?  I think I just saw it IRL last week.  My 6 year old daughter just finished a workbook that is 320 pages long for 1st & 2nd grades.  
Umm... she just finished Kindergarten.   😳
I don't say this to brag.  
Honestly, I am still in shock.  
I was not this way as a child.  Nope, not me.  

She spent months upon months working on it.  She decided and she did it.  We had to teach her about adjectives and nouns as she pressed forward but she did it. 
She completed a 320 page workbook.  If that's not grit, I don't know what is.  

Grit is perseverance and work ethic right?  I am excited for her.  
But ... you and I both know that it's not enough either.  
I loved this article on what to do with (and how to handle) your grit as told by Navy Seals.  

PRAISE.  Business is booming. 

Commercial construction is above pre-recession numbers.   This matters to you why?  

Because a positive construction and real estate market means a huge growth in the economy is coming.  
Think about it.  Commercial construction means building of office buildings, hotels and retail spaces.  This means an office is moving in.  Paint needs to go up on the walls.  Desks and chairs needs to be purchased. Artwork and phones are bought and hung.  Bought by one person, hung by another. Printer paper and staples is bought.  Meetings are hosted, employees are paid and breakfast is brought in.  When the construction and real estate market is good, the trickle effect is that everything else is entering a climb.  

Instagram is changing.  Transparency is on their mind. 

GIVE.  Obsessed but not why you think.

How to Get Free MAC Lipstick
I have a whole new respect for MAC's marketing department!  This special promotion was shared over 1200 times in 24 hours.  I even contemplated going in for my "free" tube and truthfully I don't even like MAC's makeup!!  

But here's what they did.   Here's what I am LOVE.

"How to Get Free Lipstick" sounds like they will just HAND me a tube of lipstick just because or for some super simple thing that I have to do.  But check-this-out when you read into the details the promotion is just a "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" promotion!  

Ummm... which pitch was promoted 1200+ times in 24 hours!

Think on it.  And let's try it!

Last but not least.

I love the name North Star Messaging.  I mean - isn't that the coolest name for a team of women who help you get your messaging right?   With business booming and summer here now's the perfect time to "get it right". I am so excited that they have agreed to answer some questions for us for which I will have them ready on Monday.  They have their own challenge starting if you want to get connected ahead of time. 

The weekend is here and hopefully it's hot where you are and you set to enjoy the weekend. I have been on a book buying spree like no other!  It seems everyone is talking about this money mindset book and then this book is seriously being talked all over again!  Soo... I added them to the stack.  (What are you reading?)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Ashleigh Blatt

Ashleigh Blatt

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