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"I just love bossy women.
I could be around them all day.
To me, bossy is not a pejorative term at all.
It means somebody’s passionate and
engaged and ambitious and doesn’t mind learning."
Amy Poehler

Morning!  I am so happy to see you!

How was your weekend?? We had a crazy week last week filled with hospital visits and family in town it was a run the entire week!   So we intentionally kept the weekend lowwww key!
Now a new week is here and it's GAME ON.  
How are you going to BOSS through the week?


--> Last week we touched on The Art of Standing Out.  That opened up even more questions and brainstorming from ya'll.  Here's a quick list ya'll gave and more from looking for it on Quora.  Smile.  Don't.  Have impeccable manners.  Don't take yourself so seriously.  Be you.  Make hard decisions.  Be kind.  Listen.  Connect.  Be successful.  Follow the road less travelled. Trip in front of a large crowd and then continue on.  (!)

--> I did an interview with the Freedym community this past week.  We talked all about how I grew celebrity clientele and we actually went into the very specifics.  (I will share that once the recording is available.)  But what I learned and want to share with you is that every single day Freedym is creating new content, new value and giving it out.  Every. darn. day = new stuff.  That's super amazing.  I also learned that soo many people are stuck in not taking action.  No matter what stage of business, it's inaction that prevents a climb into the next stage.  Interesting, right?  So the question is - what are you not doing that you "should" be doing?


--> I am having so much fun connecting with you guys!  Here is another Awesome Ambassador Shoutout to Sarah Masci from Bracken House Branding.   Together, we will get clear on your brand story, your vision & style preferences. Using that information, I will custom design and deliver, unique and authentic to you, branding elements and an informational website, which you’ll use to share your genius with the world.

-->  There's this cool list words used by people who like to go first.  They use words like: new, innovative, pioneer, first, now, limited, breakthrough, controversial, brave, few.  
-->  Then there's this cool list of words used by people who "aren't seeking disruption" are more likely to respond to: tested, established, proven, industry-leading, secure, widespread, accepted.

I genuinely have no idea where this list is from but I think it's cool.  Each person I have ever shared it with full-heartedly was related and resonated to one set vs the other. 


--> "I cannot be afraid of being hit."  Is your training full circle?  Back in the day I used to Kickbox 2x a day.  I would go before and after work.  Gosh, I was in the best shape of my life and then after all that I would hit the town with my friends dancing until the wee hours... Ahhh... my 20s...
Anyway, I was trained by these two brothers who were literally the champions in Kickboxing.  We would spar as a class and rotate around.  I remember getting in a few really good, hard (and accidental) shots to my instructor and would immediately apologize!  I remember, clear as day, my instructor told me he had to be hit.  He needed to be hit so much he wasn't afraid of it and that that was a part of his training.  Imagine, taking a beating, ON PURPOSE.  
But in the end, there was nothing off limits.  

So the question is - is your training full circle?

Game on ladies!


Ashleigh Blatt

Ashleigh Blatt

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