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The Power Squad Project

"The lion doesn't turn around

when the small dog barks."
-African Proverb


Happy Hump Day Mama!

Are you surviving the summer schedule?  My kids are in a 2 hour afternoon camp at a place that is 20 minutes from my home.  I was able talk my little one into the camp - thank goodness- but OH GOSH this is not the way to be productive in a mixed up schedule!!

Here's what I have decided with this gem of a 2 hour QUIET span.  All I am going to do is write.   Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.  
I actually love to write.  So here goes...


--> I choked down my tea when my client said "It's too much work."  I remember that conversation clear as day.  He said I want to do X, can you help me figure out how I would accomplish that?  So I laid out the steps for him.  A, B and C.   He thought about it for a moment and then answered "I don't want to work that hard."  

I couldn't believe it.  "I don't want to work that hard."  

Gotta love a guy for knowing what he wants to do and not. 

--> Heads up! Facebook is rolling out these new features in Facebook groups.  


--> When words create triggers and trigger create action, I had to seek out help.
I felt judged by a business friend and boy, I didn't expect that one to hurt.  Her words, that I am sure were meant to help, hurt.  And hurt for too long.  Literally, I talked with the amazing Lisa Carpenter and my beloved Master Coach Josephina to help me shake it off.  The three mindset people I adore (adding Tim Grover to that list) all said the same thing to me.  
My actions created triggers in her.  Her words created triggers in me.  Which turned into a quiet mess that none of us talked about.  
I am so happy I sought help in the moment. 

1. Lisa showed me her side of the story, which was coming from a very different place than me.  I am not sure, really, if my friend was judging me or not.  But I have empathy for her opinion and comments now.  And I remember, it's never about me, the comments were about her. 
2. Josephina helped me acknowledge and put words to "what was missing" and then she let me cry about them.
3. And Tim said "remember who is in charge of you."  He follows through with this thought in the book I am obsessed with that he intentionally puts *the* triggers in front of his clients so they learn how to control, train and press beyond them.   
Put it all together and it's kind of amazing, right?? 


Which life act are you in?  Love this pic by Marie Andrews

The Power Squad Project

Keep going ladies!


Ashleigh Blatt

Ashleigh Blatt

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