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Goooood Morning Sunshine!

Phew! What a weekend!  
Of course we know the terrible news out of London.  My heart just breaks thinking of the continued tragedies.  Then in bright and fun news women and families took to the movies and watched Wonder Woman and broke records!  $101+ million kind of records!
I haven't seen it but I swear the theme music in the trailer will become my background music!  

That said...
What would the day look like if you gave it to yourself?  
Would you roll back in bed for a few minutes more?  
Would you dance like Will Smith in an old episode of what-was-that-show?

This video cracks me up.  I swear my 5yo wakes up this way!

If time is of the essence, like I know it is, like you know it is, let's start the week out right!

I am excited to announce a new email community for women entrepreneurs by women entrepreneurs named The Power Squad Project and today's email, this email, is the very first one to go out!

If you know me, you know I am super passionate about all things business and all things women empowerment.  The Power Squad Project will be a combination of both connecting us together like never before. 

As we women entrepreneurs, I love love love the ah-mazing things we are putting out there.  The businesses, the resources and tools are all so-beyond-impressive.  In the last 2 years, I have learned more implementable business strategies and tips from $17 eBooks, $100 online courses than I ever did ready a "best-seller" from a "big wig".   I took those strategies and helped some legit celebrities create more and yes, make more too.  More money that is.

Every project I work, I think of my fellow women entrepreneurs, and what resources or trends would benefit them the most!

We are moving mountains, I know, and slowly but surely taking over.  Women today are creating businesses at a rate of 6x greater than men.  (Woo!) It's a quiet movement and girl, don't you know it, it's a powerful movement too!

What I also love and admire is that women are building businesses that are true to them, their lifestyle, their skills and their values.  

Over and over we are digging into courses, communities and into business books too.  Great books - like The One Thing and Miracle Morning and following awesome entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss and his 4-hour Workweek.  
I applaud their work but I also have a love / hate relationship with it too. Here's my private (now not so private) pet peeve with it. 

The One Thing?  Don't they know I am a woman??  I have to a multi-tasker to even survive!
The Miracle Morning?  Yes, I would love to wake up to calm and perfectly planned morning of high value, meditation and calm.  Would someone PLEASE tell my 5 year old that Mommy needs this a miracle to happen in the morning?!  And ohhhhh The 4-hour Workweek is my biggest pet peeve of all.  Tim worked his tail off in 60 and 100 work weeks to launch and keep up with all the opportunity coming at him!  Sure he had a great point in doing the work you love and outsourcing the rest but really, a point often lost was how much work he really did. That and he is (or was) a single DUDE with 1/4 of the responsibilities I have!

So - back to my point - women are creating ah-mazing businesses, resources and tools.  They are doing this AND having hectic mornings, WITH kids who who need every moment of their time, WHILE managing households, getting coffee with their girlfriends, participating in 1001 activities while also growing their communities and favorited charities. 

Women are creating businesses, earning money like never before, providing value in new and exciting ways while also being a girlfriend, getting coffee, being a mom and planning summer vacays. 

THIS is what impresses me.  

Their successes and failures. Their highs and lows.  
Women are doing it.  Women are doing it ALL. 
Is it easy?  No. 
Is it balanced? No. 
Is it fun?  Heck yeah!

Let's share and share together.  The Power Squad Project is for women entrepreneurs by women entrepreneurs as an email community providing business ideas, trends, news, resources, tips and tools.  We will feature amazing women, great ideas and real-life stories of how women are accomplishing as much as they are.  

In the end, the goal is to ultimately give you time.  Give you time to do everything you want to do, time to truly live up to your potential.  
Time so you are not working so hard and missing out on life.  
Time so you get to the outcomes you dream of.  
Time so you get out of the feast and famine cycle of business.  
Time to add in new pretty things for your home. 
Time to go outside, in comfort and confidence.  Maybe take a hike.  Or maybe even experience a new adventure.  

We hope to do that with inspiration, information and connection too.  Let's show each other what we're doing and what amazing tools and resources are happening.  IRL.
The goal is to give back and to grow together. 

I say #gameon!

Business News You Should Care About

You’re Not Alone

Does a woman's high status career hurt her marriage?  This article really hits home for me and many of my friends.  It's the dirty little secret no one tells you about.  Marriage and business, how do you balance it?  Please-oh-please tell me what you think!

And btw - ya'll know Michelle Schroeder Gardner right?? She had a few awesome things to say about being her family's breadwinner too.  Not going to lie, I kind of loved this post!

A Cool (& Relatively) New Service!  For Women by Women!

  • See Jane Go!  Like our favorite accessible car service, Uber, now we can enjoy a clean ride with a woman driving you!  In this business story, a couple was weary about who was going to drive the wife on home.  Was it completely safe?  Was it comfortable?   They weren't convinced.  So ... they started a similar car service but with women drivers!  Even better - you can also pre-schedule a pickup too!  

Ask Anything

Send in your questions!  Do you need strategy advice?  Balance and lifestyle?  Mindset?  Whatever is at the top of your mind today!  We have a community of experts in our pockets who are excited to assist!  We will talk to the Master and get you the answer!  Respond to this email with your question and put ASK ANYTHING in the subject line!

I'll Own It!  I'm A Nerd!

  • I am nerd about so many different things.  One of my favorites is all things motivational.  I cannot tell you how many times I have watched this video.  I even hook it up on my car and have my girls watch it on the way to school many days.  They ask for the beach video now. 

Wishing you a great week ahead!


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