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"People respond well to those that are sure of what they want." -Anna Wintour

Woot! Woot!  You girls are ah-mazing!  What a wonderful response!  I got a lot of emails back from you and I just want to re-iterate ---> #GAMEON!

That said - as soon as I hit send on my last email - I felt as if something were wrong.  You are busy and the last thing I want to do add to that overwhelm!  For myself too!  My morning meditation tells me to look for and accept the signs as they come and this was flashing signs to me!   One of the flashing signs was a FB Live video from the Screw the Nine to Five and all of which thought RIGHT ON.  I literally NEVER go in that Facebook group and the moment I did, I grabbed onto the simplicity and am running with it!   That's what we need, right?!  Badassery with simplicity.  Got it.

For the video makers...

Do you know about Trena Little, YouTube Strategist?  Last year, if you asked me about adding YouTube to the mix I thought you were nuts.  It felt like a flea market of over picked goods.  (Except for the Carpool Karaoke with James & Adele... that I can't watch enough times.)
I was done with YouTube!  That was UNTIL I talked with Trena.  So here’s the deal, she did all the homework, all the research for YouTube specifically.  
Your YouTube video is your content.  
You SEO it, you tag it, you share it.  It's the new blog post.  
AND YouTube will help you RANK in Google!!  #dirtylittlesecret
If you're hooked on LIVE videos YouTube just rolled that out too.  
Here's the other #dirtylittlesecret.  You must create your video for the platform you want to share it on.  YouTube doesn't like Facebook.  Facebook doesn't like YouTube. 
While I believe in Community Over Competition - they do not!  ;)

You’re Not Alone

It's hard not to look at your business as your baby.  You are putting all your blood sweat and tears into it.  Admittedly, the success of your business does seem to co-relate to your own personal success.  But this is why small businesses remain small while others are able to scale.  A baby is your living breathing thing that cries to you in the night.  That is a person.  Not your business. This article from Harvard Business Review talks about how How Functional Leaders Become CEOs.  

Cliff Notes: 
Basically it says overwhelmingly that the CFOs become the CEO at a much higher rate than anyone else in organization.  Why?  Because they work from the raw data and focus on the ROI.  It also says that CEO that are brought in from the outside do farrrrr more restructuring than anyone else.  
This is important to you and your business because it really discusses that in order to be a leader in your business, to grow as you want to grow, you have to look at the data, look at the ROI and only work on the things that have the highest return.  


Send in your questions!  Do you have a how-to question? Balance and lifestyle?  Mindset?  Whatever is at the top of your mind today!  We have a community of experts in our pockets who are excited to assist!  We will talk to the Master and get you the answer!  Respond to this email with your question and put ASK ANYTHING in the subject line!

Hope you are surviving Hump Day!


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