Holla to the weekend!

The Power Squad Project

"Simplicity and sexiness, that's what people want." -Diane von Furstenberg

Yes, I said it!  We dropped that bomb in the last email and your comments came in!  Badassery with simplicity.  

Speaking of burning things up... I talked with my Sister Mama this week.  She's a coach for coaches.  Not that I am a coach but man, she's good.  She works with the legit founders of the entire coaching industry building and crafting the industry.  She's a badass and is as soft and loving as they come.  But she's tough too.  Her focus is on body work, somatics work.  She makes you move your body and experience your life not just with your head but with your entire mind, body and soul.  Think about how great you feel after you hear one of your favorite songs!  

Nugget number one from her to me was to DANCE baby DANCE!  
And no matter what you want, the energy literally shifts in your soul, in one song. 

Ohhhhh goodness!! She once had me on stage in front of 2-300 people dancing as every last person watched.  What a sight!  🙈  But it also got me 110% out of my comfort zone. 

Nugget number two from her was to journal and burn.  Write it out and then let it burn it up!

Badassery with simplicity.  


Did you check out the YouTube Strategist, Trena Little?  

I am going to give praise to a little known tool that I think will also make your video recording so much easier!  
Teleprompters are no longer for award shows.  We have them too!  
Helloooo you no longer have to be eloquent on the spot!!  Write it up, hook it up (to the teleprompter) and record!!
There are apps galore for your phone.  One of the favorites is Scripted. As is this one too!

A Little Friday Fun

Did you know that the body party you wash first says something about you??! I must admit, I wash my chest first and the description was SPOT on. 

During the summer do you go for a beach read?  Or a business book?   I am reading this gem again probably for the 6th time.  If you like a generational stories from the late 80s about the strong women.  What I love is they are not perfect women but by golly nothing will stop them from getting what they want.  Nothing. 

This book written by Tim Grover, coach to star athletes including Michael Jordan and Koby Bryant, is a take-no-excuses kind of book.  Listen to it on a walk instead of a podcast and watch your speed pick up.    



We got some great questions in and are seeking out the answers!!  Send them in and we will find the answers for you!!  Make it a how-to question! Balance and lifestyle!  Mindset!  Whatever is at the top of your mind today!  We have a community of experts in our pockets who are excited to assist!  We will talk to the Master and get you the answer!  Respond to this email with your question and put ASK ANYTHING in the subject line!

Enjoy the weekend Lovelies!


Ashleigh Blatt

The Power Squad Project

Ashleigh Blatt

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