Join The Power Squad Project

The Power Squad Project

For almost a year, the words “Power Squad” has been on my mind.  I look at my favorite authors, Glennon, Shauna, Brene, and Elizabeth.  Even though they are individuals that do similar work, they work together.  They connect together. They BUILD together.  

Then I looked at my favorite entrepreneurs who also do a lot of online work.  And guess what.  They are doing similar work.  They work together.  They connect together.  They BUILD together.  

Taylor Swift has her squad.

Glennon has her squad.

I want to build another kind of squad.  A power squad.

I know you.  This something that you work at every. darn. day. is really fun, exciting and empowering.  You are doing a great job!

I know this.  

What I also know is it doesn’t always feel so good.  Women are creating businesses at a rate 6x faster than those of men yet the biggest badasses to help us are from men, by men and for men.  

Those days are over.

Forget the boring and blue.  Forget what the balding white man has to say.  He doesn’t know everything you have to do, to deal with, to learn…

Join The Power Squad Project and become a part of a community of women entrepreneurs.  I may not have all the answers, in fact, I know I don’t.  But there’s enough information out there where we can get the answers.  There’s enough power women within us where we can figure it out.  There’s enough of us to build each other up.  

We will start with an email community in which we will deliver to you the business and lifestyle strategies, trends and tasks to help you build and help you meet the needs coming at you.  We’ll do this in a way your bestie knows how to cheer you up on your secret lunch.  We’ll do this with all power in our bodies and we’ll bring in extra support too.  Just like your favorite bra. 

The goal is to:

  1. Show you ways and methods to move your business further along,

  2. Help you comfortably and without guilt take time for yourself, your friends and family,

  3. Return your confidence in all areas and not just one,

  4. To be a little bit more organized because well, that’s the fun stuff,

  5. Give you power back,

  6. With a squad who’s got your back.

This is your call.  Your time.  

Accept this Invitation and join the Power Squad Project!  And the best part? It’s FREE!

Ashleigh Blatt

Woman, Wife, Mama of 2, Business Owner & Podcaster.  At GWC Management we improve corporate conversations and maximize productivity.  It's that simple and that difficult.  New Mompreneur on Fire Podcaster & Blogger discussing that tough job of balancing babies and businesses with grace - err - most of the time!