Simplicity is in, Lying is out & your in-laws may be nuts!



"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." Thomas A. Edison

Are you ready for the Thanksgiving Holiday? 
Tis the season of funny family activities!! 
Will you laugh your way through it? Or will you be gritting your teeth?  
Will you celebrate traditions? Or run and hide?!

It's a funny season, a mix of togetherness and too much togetherness! 
There's all sorts of feels so GAME ON girl and yes, now's a good time to practice that game face of yours too!

I have to remember - It could be worse.  My friend's in-laws will be blaring that cringe-worthy "news" channel all day long for 3 straight days! 
I would die!
But you... girl... it's the end of the week, the beginning of the holidays and it's going to be one for the books! 


In truth - whatever it is you are doing, I hope you smile and are able to laugh. 
We've got a lot to be grateful for!

LEAD. Lovelies.  Lead.

--> Simplicity is in.  I recently removed 10 or so apps outta my phone.  Maybe even more.  I have forgone caring about certain social media platforms because I just don't "get" them.  I am doing me again and it feels so good.  Apparently it's not just me that is feeling this way.  Millenials worry about how social media is affecting them.  No one believes Facebook has their interests in mind.   So much so even the NY Times believes the love affair with digital is coming to an end.   

What are you shedding?


--> Best answer ever to "Sell me this pen".  Cliff notes version: create the problem AND solve it. 

--> Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57 Million People
Ummm... not cool. 
I can't stand it when I am lied to.  
That is probably my number one pet peeve of all times. 
Except when they are convenient little white lies like these 10 that the NY Timespointed out!  

What do you think?



--> 20 photos of coincidences that are hard to believe. 



--> The feedback and response from our new service is really exciting.  We don't know of another offer that is out there like this and we are bursting at the seams to tell you!!
Friday and Saturday are THE days for you to check it out.  Doors open and close that fast!! 
Emails to follow. 

Quick side note from Ashleigh.  Here are my most favorite tools ever.

  • For audio motivation - Relentless by Tim Grover. I listen to him as I was in the mornings.  My walk always becomes a power walk after listening. 
  • To focus during the day I love to focus@will.  They say music helps you focus and for me it surely does.  I blare the classical music.  I am not sure how many people my age choose that over techno but either way I love it.
  • Rosemarie Groner (from the Busy Budgeter) is a friend and I just LOVE how much she gives everything away.  She tells you and anyone she can her detailed way to making money!  Start with her Pinterest Strategy Guide that is worth every penny.  Not. going. to. lie.

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