How to Tell the Truth & The Rest of Your Year will Be Amazing



"A lie has speed, but Truth has endurance" ~ Edgar J. Mohn

We all have those people in our lives that tell us the brutal truth.  
My husband can be that person sometimes.  It usually comes in the form of... 
"Are those pants supposed to be short like that?" 
"Honey, it's the style, they are called CROPPED." 

The Power Squad Project

But really. 
Here's the thing.  You know you have friends who will tell you what you want to hear, how great you are, you can do nothing wrong. 
I mean, we love these people and need them in our lives. 

But even more so don't we really respect the people who tell us what we need to hear? 
It's great and, yes, sort of annoying, to have people in your life who will NEVER correct you or challenge you.  I get it.  

But I also want the person who has learned not to hurt me with the truth but to gently show me what I can't see for myself. 
Those are the real relationships.  
That's where trust is formed, is it not? 
Tell me what I don't know. 
What I don't see. 

My husband can be brutal in his timing but his honesty is spot on. 
I trust him through and through. 
My BF.  She adds humor in the most painful moments. 
And then encourages me to drink a box of wine! LOL!
She cracks me up when I need it most.  Right after the brutal truth. 

The Power Squad Project

Very vividly, I remember other conversations outside of these core relationships and I respect those who TOLD me. 
These truthful conversations, were kind in delivery and honest to the core. 
In return, they created some very significant growth. 
We all have blinders on.  That's why hindsight is 20/20. 

Courage and honesty are hand in hand. 
Honesty builds relationships, strong relationships. 

Where do you tend to act?? Full on praise and a sprinkle of challenge?  
Who do you love that needs the gift of the gentle truth?
Imagine what your year would look like if you talked openly and honestly?


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-->  This week's podcast was with Ann Imig.  I have long admired her and was shocked to hear she shut down her business!  You have to listen into her courageousness and leadership!

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