"Where were you?"



"Power is not given to you.  You have to take it." Beyonce

(This Beyonce quote is on repeat right now for a reason.)

I am learning so much about your priorities and your actions. 
In-depth and in details.
And at scale.

Here's the consistent problem.
It's hard to focus. 
It's hard to accomplish what it is that you want. 
You have responsibilities and priorities that pull you in many different directions. 

And these responsibilities are keeping you from accomplishing...
I know. 
I am there with you too. 
Last week, my little one had 104+ temperature for 5 solid days. 
Every time she rolled over she would scream "WATER!" and have me running to help her!

How was I supposed to do my work when my little 5 yo priority was my biggest priority?

Start by focusing on ONE THING. 
Not two. 
Not three. 
Not four. 
Not 600 that are coming at you. 

That way you can grow every day.  
That way I can grow every day.

Do one thing that will help you grow.  
One thing that matters. 

Then you get back to the distractions. 
The little big priorities.

And your kid doesn't have to ask
"Where were you?"

Lead Ladies Lead.

--> Don't freak out.  Remember traditional business is the new business process.  Even though Facebook announced major changes in its feed and everyone and their grandmother seems to be freaking out, you don't have to. 

Don't panic... be chill! 
Strong businesses are built on things other than a social media platform.  

Focus on relationships!


Manage This.

--> "What's going right?"  That what my brother asked me and my answer was "Ummm..."  If your answer is not at the tip of your tongue, you need to slow down.  Slow down and get super clear.  Then work really really really hard getting really good. 

--> Have you been shadowbanned on Instagram?  We have. Alex Tooby is an awesome to keep up with on all things IG.   Get rid of your shadowban here.  Follow her Men & Coffee IG profile just for the fun of it! #yourewelcome

-->  The #1 Meeting High-Achievers schedule every week.  


--> 🥑🥑🥑 Avocados can change everything!  Tony Robbins calls is changing your state!  Say IIIIIIII if you agree! 🥑🥑🥑

Last but not least.

--> What you should add in the New Year.

--> Now's the time to use your best productivity hack!  Here's mine!

Quick side note from Ashleigh.  Here are my most favorite tools ever.

  • For audio motivation - Relentless by Tim Grover. I listen to him as I was in the mornings.  My walk always becomes a power walk after listening. 
  • To focus during the day I love to focus@will.  They say music helps you focus and for me it surely does.  I blare the classical music.  I am not sure how many people my age choose that over techno but either way I love it.
  • Rosemarie Groner (from the Busy Budgeter) is a friend and I just LOVE how much she gives everything away.  She tells you and anyone she can her detailed way to making money!  Start with her Pinterest Strategy Guide that is worth every penny.  Not. going. to. lie.

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