Worst advice you can get? Save. your. money.


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“There is a gigantic difference between earning a great deal of money and being rich.” Marlene Dietrich

Are you ready for hump day? 
Okay, here it is.  

I am a spender. 
That's me. 

If it makes my life more convenient, it's worth it.  If it makes me feel prettier, I'll buy it.  If I get more energy, I'll do it.  If it adds to my life, I want it.  

In some circles, people hide the fact that they spend money. 
Or they hide the fact that they don't save money. 
Or they hide the fact that they don't spend money. 
Or they hide the fact that they do save money.  
(Did I get every combination in there?)

Shoot.  I have more in savings than most people I know. 
I don't go bragging about it because even doing a good thing can make people feel bad. 
Especially when it comes to money. 
That funny thing called money. 

But here's the thing that absolutely drives me insane.  
Killing yourself to save that extra dime. 
Not allowing yourself the freedom to expand and enjoy. 
Not allowing yourself luxury or ease.

I have one friend who has 6 if not 7 figures in the bank.  Cash in the bank.  But she won't treat herself to desperately needed new furniture. 
Much less for a fun and fancy new purse. 
I have another someone in my life who is retired.  RETIRED at a young-ish age.  Nope, not great money coming in.  But they have A LOT of it, cash in the bank. 
I want to shake her and say - it's okay to buy that fancy sweater.
I know business owners who are racking in the dough but simply do not spend for convenience much less for luxury.   

Save your money so that should something happen you have some coverage and cushion for a few months. 
I believe in saving for your kids' education too.  To me, that's a priority. 

But after that LIVE!!
Make your life easy. 
Enjoy stuff that is beyond what you would ever think!

Get a filet mignon on a Tuesday. 
Or a Saturday. 
Get a sitter so you can take a bath. 
Get meals brought in. 
Get a facial.  (That was my big splurge and it changed my life!)
Get BON BONs at Trader Joes for $4 and put your feet up.  

Use your money to create ease. 
And luxury in your life. 

Otherwise, that too is a waste. 
You can earn more money.  
So feel free to spend it too! 

That also means taking care of you in new and exciting ways!


Want to spend and feel like you are getting something back for you? 
Each and every day?
I've got an idea for you. 
100% of the people who start have stayed. 

You should know...

--> There's this story that's circulating how a group of women investors was going to buy The Weinstein Company for $500 million and now after doing some due diligence they have determined that the company may not be sustainable after the purchase.  So the women backed out.  Part of me thinks this was a big fat joke on Harvey Weinstein to just get a little revenge.  Don't you think so too?!

--> In other business news, the city to have the most migration out?? 
Folks are leaving San Francisco for LA and the Midwest! 
How come? 
The trend is that tech is out and people want connection again. 
People are onto the manipulation behind tech giants. 
That the Trump hating environment is incredibly toxic and the conversations are all the same. 
Elon moved out. 
Peter Thiel moved out. 
Shoot, I even know a couple of big-time San Fran folks who ditched the hills for sunny SoCal! 
Toxic is out.  Real, humble life is in!

How others are managing...

--> How I spend 11 minutes each morning. 

--> I can't wait to share with you some of Jane Garee's expertise.  She's a sales guru and truly one of the best people I have ever (EVER) worked with.  I don't say that lightly and I don't mean that lightly either.  Fun stuff coming up!

--> "Bottom line: if you don't read, you can't lead." My friends are testing out what sounds to be an amazing book club for intentional leaders and frankly, it sounds amazing!  Last week you said you loved the 12-week-year and the ONE thing, I wonder what these girls will choose!    

Being different is exciting. 

--> I want a flip phone that I don't have to tap tap tap text, a good camera and the ability to listen to music or audible.  If you know of one, please oh please tell me.  In the meantime, I am on the hunt for this real-life little itty bitty phone!

Question of the week --> If you had to give up your smartphone what is the one app you couldn't live without?  For me and my girls!  It's the weather app and Waze!

Quick side note from Ashleigh.  Here are my most favorite tools ever.

  • For audio motivation - Relentless by Tim Grover. I listen to him as I was in the mornings.  My walk always becomes a power walk after listening. 
  • To focus during the day I love to focus@will.  They say music helps you focus and for me it surely does.  I blare the classical music.  I am not sure how many people my age choose that over techno but either way I love it.
  • Rosemarie Groner (from the Busy Budgeter) is a friend and I just LOVE how much she gives everything away.  She tells you and anyone she can her detailed way to making money!  Start with her Pinterest Strategy Guide that is worth every penny.  Not. going. to. lie.

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